PRO-mounts Replacement Battery Hero4


PRO-mounts has developed an extensive series of Actioncam accessories to always be able to use your Actioncam without any problems. One of those accessories is the high-quality Replacement Battery for the GoPro* Hero 4 camera. That way you know for sure that you will never have to be without power. Ideal as an extra battery or as a replacement for the original battery!

The PRO-Mounts Replacement Battery for the GoPro* Hero 4 camera is a 1160 mAh Li-Ion polymer battery for which only the best quality battery cells are used. In comparison with the original GoPro* Hero 4 camera batteries, the PRO-mounts battery provides even longer power thanks to those high-quality battery cells. The batteries therefore have a 2-year exchange warranty. Logical, because PRO-mounts only delivers quality.


Sales Info

  • EAN code: 5060403911476
  • SKU code: PM2014H401
  • MSRP: € 14,99


*this product is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products. GoPro & Hero are registered trademarks of GoPro Inc.



• 1160 mAh Li-Ion Polymer Battery


• Li-Ion Polymer Battery


This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for all GoPro* Hero4 cameras