PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount


With the PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount you can easily mount your Action Camera / GoPro* to anything and everything. The PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount has been specially developed to attach your Action Camera / GoPro* to cars, boats, motorcycles, skateboards or whatever you want, provided that the surface is flat and smooth. The suction cup is built for stability on vehicles with all kinds of movements, the ideal positions are the windows and the sheet material (such as the bonnet, roof, door or boot lid). As long as the speed is no higher than about 240 km / hour, this industrial-grade suction cup will stay in place. You attach the suction cup by placing it on a flat and clean surface, first press firmly and then press down the locking bracket to secure the suction cup to the wall. If you want to remove it again, pull the bracket up again, after which the vacuum under the suction cup decreases and the SuctionCup Mount can easily be removed. Simple, fast and secure, and handy if you want to change your Action Camera / GoPro* regularly. PRO-mounts recommends that the surface BEFORE placing the suction cup free of grease & dirt for maximum hold. The PRO-mounts SuctionCup Mount is versatile in use thanks to the adjustable arms and the 360 ​​° rotating metal headset. This swivel headset allows you to determine the perfect shooting angle after placing your suction cup, without having to reposition your suction cup!


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  • SKU code: PM2013GP70
  • MSRP: € 14,99



*this product is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products. GoPro & Hero are registered trademarks of GoPro Inc.



• SuctionCup Mount
• Large Thumbscrew
• Tripod Mount
• Camera Adapter


• Polycarbonate
• Steel head
• Stainless steel parts


This PRO-mounts accessory is compatible (suitable) for 99% of ALL Action Cameras that have the so-called GoPro* mount. Brands with this mount are (among others) GoPro*, DJI Action, Rollei, Nikkei, Solara, Denver, AEE, Kitvision, ActionPro, SJAM, SooCoo, F60R, Veho, GitUp, Vizu, and many other (most Chinese & local branded) Action Cameras all have this mount and are therefore suitable for use with this PRO-mount accessory. The compatibility can be recognized by the so-called GoPro* mount.
This Accessory can also be used with those (Action) camera that has a so-called ¼ – screw Mount, this is the standard Mount for Camera’s and also used by Action Cameras from Sony. Nikon, Pentax and some more (Classic Camera) brands. In order to use this type of (Action) Camera you simply remove the Tripod Mount and by doing this the accessory will convert to be ¼ – screw compatible and you Mount your Camera directly on the accessory. By doubt if your (Action) Camera is compatible with this PRO-mounts accessory simply contact us and we will advise you.